“The Golden Town”, bathed not in gold but in the golden light of sunshine. Named after the Illyrian tribe of Pirusta, its heights house Spile caves, remnants of prehistoric life. Flourishing in the 17th and 18th centuries with fleet of over a hundred ships, it traded and waging wars across the Mediterranean. Baroque painter Tripo Kokolja adorned its churches and palaces, notably Our Lady of the Rocks, which stands as small island built by people of Perast just opposite the town. On the island, a marvel of beauty, history, and legend is a church where sailors have left votive plaques for centuries. On the plateau in front of the church, the people of Boka created a kind of “reconciliation spot”. Today, there is valuable museum on the island, representing one of the greatest tourist attractions in this part of Europe. Opposite Our Lady of the Rocks there is another island, St George. A small, natural island also known as the “Island of the Dead” because it contains the tombs of religious dignitaries, notable personalities of Perast, and sailors who couldn’t find a place in Perast cemeteries.