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In the 19th century this tiny village possessed 13 ocean-going vessels. Today there are only the fishermen, barefoot, blackened and canny. Turn off the engine and hear the wind rustling the willow fronds. Then follow the burbling mountain brook round small dams, ponds teeming with trouts, ducks very much in the plural and geese. Take a pathway lined with mimosa and camellia to find treasure in the guise of an old mill, now a restaurant, Ćatovića Mlini. Think risotto cold, squid ink; think risotto warm, shrimp; think icy sauvignon, Montenegrin grown. This luxurious and pampering restaurant in its beautiful ancient stone setting with its deep cushions and pastoral peace would seem to have escaped from the pages of Country Life. There is as yet nothing else quite like it in Montenegro and it is highly recommended for its cooking, comfort and the charming family who have owned the property for over 200 years, after whom it is named and who will ensure your happiness. Various home-produced products are available, including wine. Moderate to high prices.


Gough guide

From Kamenari, a sharp turn north into the Bay of Risan brings you to MORINJ, where one of Montenegro’s most highly regarded restaurants is located. Idyllically set in an old mill surrounded by lush vegetation, with a small brook and a sweet little duck-pond the Ćatovića mlini offers seafood of the highest order, with a wide range of different sea and river fish garnished in exotically named sauces: the most eye-catching dishes are toadfish in saffron sauce and shrimp in bouzzara sauce (oil-fried onions and tomatoes), but there are plenty more to whet the appetite, including fish-based brown and black risottos. The smart summery terrace is the place to dine, though the cosy and classy stone interior serve just as well if it’s on the chilly side. Signs along the main road clearly indicate the restaurant’s whereabouts.



Our pick: Konoba Ćatovića Mlini

The very same crystalline stream flows around and under this former mill, a rustic stone construction with a picturesque mountain backdrop. It may masquerade as a humble family-owned konoba but in reality this is one of Montenegro’s best restaurants. Watch the geese idle by as you sample the magical bread and olive oil, which appears unbbiden at the table. Fish is the focus but traditional Njeguši specialities are also offered. On a hot day we’d heartily recommend the cold fish appetiser – rice salad with prawns, mussel salad, tuna salad, white fish and a delicius fish pate.



If the Boka Kotorska is a butterfly, then one wingtip away from Perast lies the equally sleepy village of Morinj. Drive down a dusty road, local chickens racing you over the potholes, and you come across a restaurant called Catovica Mlini – the old flour mills of the family Catovica. Here, Lazar, the father, has built a glorious prototype for the future of Montenegrin hospitality, a “restaurant” in the original restorative sense of the word. Everywhere, brooks babble and little springs spew out of the ground. Birds tiptoe across the watery lawns, sending quiet calls out over a dining area where waiters erect great linen canopies to shield tables from the scorching sun.

Nova Montenegro

Il paesino di Morinj (6 km. da Risano) è da sempre famoso per i corsi d’acqua e i mulini. Il mulino della famiglia Ćatović è oggi un ristorante dall’atmosfera singolare, incuneato nella vegetazione lussureggiante e tra le acque. L’antico mulino in piettra promette frescura anche nelle estati più calde. L’ampio menu comprende pesce e frutti di mare preparati con gusto e serviti in molte diverse varianti. Servizio eccellente e attento.



A mi- chemin entre Herceg Novi et Kotor dans le village de Morinj. C’est un endroit à ne pas rater.Situé dans la propriété de famille Ćatović depuis plus de 200 ans. Ce vieux moulin a été transformé en restaurant en 1997. Idéal pour les repas d’été car ce restaurant est doté d’un jardin extérieur authenthique , où coule un ruisseau, et beaucoup de verdure autour d’une grande terrasse. À l’intérieur, dans la vieille maison en pierre règne une ambience particulière avec un esprit des „temps perdus“. Une richissime choix en cuisine: plats de poisson, produits de la mer etc.

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